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Summer Project


Chose an object, place or event and record it in as many ways as possible.


I have chosen to base my summer project on the annual Marathon event. A Marathon consists of running over 26 miles and I have no doubt that it will take a lot of determination and persistence to achieve it. After running regularly for over three months, running a marathon has become my ultimate goal but I plan to take part in multiple fund raising runs along the way. Currently, I am signed up for a half marathon which I will complete in Silverstone in 2017, and the Helmdon Hurler (5 miles) which I will take part in during August.

I started running not only for fitness but to support the well deserved charity mind. Mind is an admirable organisation which has the goal of supporting those who are suffering from metal health problems. They try to raise awareness for those who are suffering and state ‘we wont give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect’.


To begin my project, I plan to document my runs on this blog and record any progress I make on this website and in my sketchbook. My aim is to run at least three times a week. Alongside the enjoyment of running, I have hope that I will gain inspiration for my artwork that will reflect the journey I have begun.


Featured post

Salt Art

After two weeks away on holiday I have decided to get back into my artwork. I spent one week in the lovely Devon with 9 others and the second week in sunny Madeira. Feeling very relaxed and excited to begin at university.

As part of exploring the marathon for my art project, I decided to look at iconic figures who have completed the marathon. I gathered photographs and chose a couple to work from. Below is an image of Mo Farah I have created using white table salt onto a black page. I have used this technique in the past at college and loved the effect it gave due to the high contrast. I decided not to glue the salt down (this made it very difficult to stop the salt from dancing around the page) because I liked I could just wipe it away. Despite the process being quite long (took me over two days), the video represents speed. Speed that is used in running a race.

I have produced a video wiping away the salt too which can be seen on

my Instagram feed: lauracherry1921, alternatively on

my facebook page:Laura Cherry Fine Art

Farnham Sculpture Park

On Sunday 28th September myself and partner took a trip to Farnham Sculpture Park. We had been planning to go for quite  a few weeks but decided to wait for the summer weather to appear.

The trail had over 600 sculptures and a gorgeous woodland to walk through. My knowledge of sculpture is limited in comparison to my knowledge on painters, drawers, printers etc. so I found it interesting to see so many sculptures and to learn about the different materials that can be used and to view the huge variety of techniques.

The park consisted of four trails which led you around the woodland and to new sculptures. Each corner there was a new piece of work to admire. I have taken many photos which are attached below.

Helmdon Hurler 2016


The Helmdon Hurler 2016 was my first race. It was a 4 and a half mile run and on a hot day, I wont deny I found it hard. Above are a few photos from the event, where you can see myself running in the event with my mums cousin Adam (double Marathon runner) who was incredibly supportive. The aftermath involved lots of lovely cakes, a bbq and card games.

Progress photo

A drawing of Buckingham palace I did using Fine Liner


Weekly plan-

Monday- complete London photo pages and drawings/ Run astwell track

Tuesday- Complete London photo pages and drawings/ Run astwell track

Wednesday- Look at famous Marathon runners/ work 12.30-9.30

Thursday- Create pages involving drawing an image within a certain time limit to create a series of images that represent time, similar to time restrains in races/ work 1.30-10.30

Friday- Complete day befores drawing challenge/ Work 1.30-10.30/ Run astwell track

Saturday- Finger painting day/ Run astwell track

Sunday- Review work Ive done and evaluate and improve on it


Weekly Plan

Monday- Update Blog/ Work 12.30-9.30

Tuesday- Run Astwell Track/ Start Drawing and painting from London Photos- continuous line drawing

Wednesday- Run Astwell Track/ Continue Drawing and painting from London photos

Thursday- Prints and rubbings to do with Marathon/ Work 1.30-10.30

Friday- Look at the history of people to do with Marathon, create portraits etc/ Work 1.30-10.30

Saturday- Expand on work done during the week/ Run Astwell Track

Sunday- Expand of work done suring the week/ Run Astwell Track

London Day 2- 05/08/2016

My second day in London was more concerned with visiting a couple of galleries. I tried to plan to visit the remaining sights from the Mirror article I had previously worked from. However, it would have cost me a lot of money to get to the remaining points because they are further out of London where the tubes could not get to. I considered the possiblity of walking, but decided visiting galleries would be a more productive use of my time. However, I have found photographs of the remaining points from the list from various websites;

  1. The Cutty Sark
  2. The National Maritime Museum
  3. Inigo Jones’ Queen’s House/ Christopher Wren’s Royal Naval Hospital

Point 8- The Cutty Sark


Cutty Sark Website


Point 9- The National Maritime Museum 

national maritime

Point 10- Inigo Jones’ Queen’s House/ Christopher Wren’s Royal Naval Hospital

The two galleries I chose to go to were the Royal Academy of Arts and the V&A. I researched into a few of the artists before I went and based my decision on the artists I liked the most and the artists I thought were more suited to my project

Royal Academy of Arts –

Bill Jacklin RA Exhibition

I loved this exhibition. The pieces of work produced created such movement and beauty. I hadn’t planned on seeing this exhibition but was very pleased I had come across it. In previous projects during my Foundation Art and Design Diploma  I had explored continuous line drawing and felt it was a very difficult technique to get my head around. Nearly every time I tried to complete a piece using this technique I struggled to appreciate the final piece because it’s a more free and messier way of drawing. However, the way Bill Jacklin has produced works with a similar technique of smudging and weaving images into other images, made me feel inspired.


Summer Exhibition-




London Day 1- 02/08/2016

My first day in London involved visiting the first six points on my list from the Mirror article ‘Top Tourist Sights Runners Pass’;

  1. Buckingham Palace
  2. London Eye
  3. Palace of Westminster and Parliament Square
  4. Cleopatra’s Needle
  5. Canary Wharf – One Canada Square Tower
  6. Tower Bridge
  7. Mayflower Pub

I managed to make my way to each point apart from Mayflower Pub. Due to the awful weather that day, I struggled taking photographs that were clear. Furthermore, I stopped at point 6 and left the other points to visit for my second trip to London.

Below are a few photographs from each point;

  1. Buckingham Palace


Point 2- Palace of Westminster and Parliament Square


Point 3- London Eye


Point 4- Cleopatra’s Needle


Point 5- One Canada Square Tower at Canary Wharf



Point 6- Tower Bridge


Point 7- Mayflower Pub 

mayflower pub




Weekly Plan-

Monday– work 12.30-9.30/ Plan London trip for Tuesday

Tuesday– Trip to London. Record the main sights that can be seen on the Marathon route. Record by taking photos and think of further ideas on how to record them

Wednesday– Work 8-5/ Evening run around the Astwell Track/ Start doing some sketchbook work with London photos, print, copy, draw, overlap etc

Thursday– Work 8-5/ Evening run around the Astwell Track/ Continuous Line drawing of photos/ Plan Friday London trip

Friday- Work 8-12/ London in the afternoon to complete recording the sights of London that are passed when running a London Marathon

Saturday- Work 8-12/ Sketchbook work

Sunday- Sketchbook work/ Run Astwell track in the evening

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